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Option 1:
All Access - Yearly



Watch LIVE, out-of-market regular season games from around the League on your favorite supported devices. Blackout and other restrictions apply, including national blackouts. Includes the following regular season features and more:

  1. Take the game with you with the NHL® app
  2. Choose the play-by-play you want with home and away broadcast options
  3. Pause and rewind LIVE games with DVR controls
  4. Access full game archives with milestone markers to jump directly to highlights
  5. Watch up to four games at once with Mosaic® view

Option 2:
Single Team Package

Please note:

  1. Local blackouts apply, as above.
  2. Your team's games are subject to a national TV blackout, as above, in some cases as many as 30 games

*To see nationally blacked out games from last season, click here.


NHL.TV Media Player


HD quality streaming through a responsive, in-page layout. Includes features like multi-game viewing, alternative camera angles and enhanced live game data.

NHL® App


Revolutionary 60fps (frames per second) live streaming video, available for select phones and tablets via the NHL® Official App. Current subscribers simply sign in with your existing credentials.

New for 2016-2017: Enhanced team integration - videos, news, notifications and more, all in one place. Your team, your app.

NHL.TV Connected Devices


Revolutionary 60fps (frames per second) live streaming video, available for supported connected devices. Available on Apple TV, Roku, Sony PlayStation®3, Sony PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Google Chromecast.

Milestone markers on supported connected devices let you watch the game in a whole new way. Supported devices include Apple TV, Roku, Sony PlayStation®3, Sony PlayStation®4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Google Chromecast.

Technical Support

Support Forum

If you are having any issues accessing your game, simply log in to the Technical Forum and technical support personnel will be there to help. Social media support is also available.

Home and Away Broadcasts


Want to hear various perspectives of the game? Whether your favorite out-of-market club is at home or on the road you can choose between the television broadcast of either team and get the play-by-play you want to hear.

DVR Controls


Never miss another goal, hit or save. Pause and rewind live games and jump back to highlights with the interactive timeline.

Multi-Game Views


Watch multiple games from around the League at the same time. Follow the action with picture-in-picture, or catch up to 4 games at once with Mosaic® view.

Extra Camera Angles


Analyze goals and saves like a pro with up to 5 alternate camera angles, including two over-the-goal cameras and the zipline aerial cam.

Availability of extra camera angles varies by game and arena.

Blackout Information

Enter the local zip code of the area where you will be watching to find out which team's live games are blacked out.

Games broadcast on local and national television in your area are subject to blackouts in NHL.TV. In certain regions, if a game is available for you to view on television in your local viewing area, then it will not be available to watch live in NHL.TV. After 48 hours the full length game replays will be available in the game archive. For guidance regarding local blackouts in your area, please enter your zip/postal code above. Please note that this lookup is only offered as guidance and your location is determined by the IP address from which you are accessing NHL.TV. Blackouts are enforced based on the location of your viewing and not your purchase, so if you are traveling blackouts will be enforced according to your current location.

Nationally televised games also are subject to blackouts in NHL.TV. In the United States, all Stanley Cup® Playoffs and Stanley Cup® Final games will be nationally televised.

For international customers, blackout restrictions may apply to games that appear on an NHL® partner network in your viewing area. Please check your local listings for broadcasts on these networks.

Single Team package subscribers will only have access to watch out-of-market games for the specific team selected. On-demand game replays will only be available for the team associated with the package.

NHL.TV not sold in Canada. NHL.TV not sold and subscriptions cannot be accessed from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Click here for information on accessing NHL hockey online in Canada, and click the applicable link for information on accessing NHL hockey in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.